Beauty is not just about looking good it is the key to psycho-physical and psychological balance.

Principal and founder of Phi Cosmedical Clinic

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Photograph: Dr. P Barea Alameddin

Beauty is not just skin deep.

Beauty includes the need to feel good under one's own skin and having a psycho-physical and psychological balance.

In today's society highly rated attractive appearances is not just to get a job, it is an important part of boosting self-esteem and confidence. It is a part of the new social phenomenon where a healthy physical well being is being created as a result of appearance rejuvenation.

At Phi Cosmedical Clinic we combine aesthetic medicine and art into our medical practice using non-invasive treatment techniques.

        Dr. Purificacion Barea Alameddin

            MBBS (Barcelona), AMC (Sydney), FRACGP

                   Member of Australasian Society of Cosmetic Medicine
                   Member of American Academy of Aethetic Medicine

Dr. Purificacion Barea - Principal and founder of Phi Cosmedical Clinic is a registered medical practitioner of NSW Medical Board for over 20 years. She is a fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners and a Clinical Associate of the Discipline of General Practice at University of Sydney, with extensive training in surgery, aesthetic medicine, weight control and obesity management, women's health, general medicine, and a range of cosmetic rejuvenation advance practitioner techniques.

Whilst working in general practice, Dr. Purificacion Barea developed a special interest in detail facial rejuvenation science and techniques. Combining this with her passion for people and aesthetics, she established Phi Cosmedical Clinic dedicated exclusively to the field of Cosmetic medicine. The Phi Cosmedical Clinic has been setup to assist individuals interested in medically advanced non-surgical techniques in facial rejuvenation, volume enhancement and in some cases, sport injury tissue repair.

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